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Some work we’re proud of

Bam Bam Social is proud of all the work we do for our clients, but here is a showcase of the stuff we are particularly proud of. In each of the client case studies below we wanted to focus on different aspects of how Bam Bam Social has achieved success.

Creating influencer campaigns to kickstart your brands foray into social media marketing are fundamental skills for a social media agency. We at Bam Bam Social have experience in these areas and believe we are the best team to achieve social media success for your brand and business.

Matthews Cotswold Flour

Organic Growth

Bam Bam began working with Matthews Cotswold Flour in May 2020 who had a Instagram following of 2,140. With a goal of hitting 10K followers by the end of the year, Bam Bam Social utilised multiple different strategies: redesigning the content, creating and launching influencer campaigns, and brand collaborations all to reach that target. During our first eight months of collaboration with Matthews Cotswold Flour, we increased their Instagram following by over 350%.

Cotswold Flour’s social media was the fastest growing flour companies within the UK over 2020. We not only hit KPI targets, we also built a strong online community of bakers and followers which interact with content consistently. This was done all with organic growth with no paid social adverts.

Reaching 1 million people

“The Baking Bucket List”, a bespoke influencer campaign designed to encourage and challenge the audience to bake something on their bucket list. Working together with celebrity chefs, influencers over 100k and micro influencers, the results were spectacular! Reaching over 1 million people and creating a fun and interactive campaign that people of all abilities could be involved in.

This campaign saw the creation of high-quality content which generated direct sales through user generated content. Bam Bam Social not only created a successful campaign but we developed a database, influencer agreements and organised product deliveries.

Base Camp Food

Multiple Brand Collaboration

Not only did we design and create a strategy to gain new followers/customers, but support other UK brands, creating the Ultimate Adventure Bundle! Bam Bam Social were the principal in organising giveaways from start to finish, ensuring successful collaboration with brands who had higher engagement and following than Base Camp Foods, such as Ordnance Survey (@ordancesurvey – 110k), Maverick Race (@macerickrace – 13.7k) and Not The Safe Route (@notthesaferouteuk – 15.7k). It was important to us that all brands collaborating had similar ethos, were like minded and had similar target audiences to those at Base Camp Foods. Bam Bam Social were in charge of creating stunning professional photography for the prizes and coordinating the launch. The results were fantastic and saw us gaining an overall 1,200K followers and increasing the follower count by 31% for Base Camp Foods from this campaign.

Creating inspiring content

Inspiring your audience and creating valuable content is important. For Base Camp Food we have created captivating ‘in the wild’ content, with a bespoke feed curation. Base camp Food has numerous products, which we manage to balance out in the feed efficiently, as well as creating stories and quizzes to encourage interaction and maintain visibility.

Red Paddle Co.

Consultation & Strategy

Bam Bam Social were brought on board in 2020 to help with the brand launch of the new 2021 Paddle Board range. Working directly with the Head of Global Marketing, we consulted on the creation of fun and exciting ideas. From Influencer Paddle Board adventure weekends to brand collaborations, Bam Bam Social was instrumental in providing the launch pad of the new range for social media. We also advised on growth strategies, hashtag stacking research, and consulting further on many of the global accounts.


Bam Bam Social ran the global social accounts for five months until an internal manager was hired. We guided the design of multiple feeds, posting every day, hashtags, organisation and launching of giveaways, stories, as well as the admin involved with managing an Instagram account with over 55K followers. We were particularly pleased with the success of launching Red Paddle Co’s fortnightly Instagram Live series, ‘Red On Air’, a key marketing strategy for the brand going forward. Bam Bam Social was heavily involved in ensuring the smooth running of the operation from the social side.

Pickett London

Bringing a Heritage brand into the 21st century

Pickett is a well known luxury British leather company, running for 32 years in the heart of Mayfair, London. Bam Bam Social started their social media operations from scratch, ultimately building their Instagram to 10K followers in 9 months. We were pivotal in designing and creating content for the brand, which was a key part of their transition to digital sales and advertising.

Luxury Content Creation & Production

Pickett needed to update their website and social imagery to join the 21st Century of digital marketing. Across a two day shoot, Bam Bam Social organised and led the modelling, styling, and production of the products. We sourced a stunning location and crew through our extensive contact list, all whilst keeping costs down. Bam Bam Social has the technical and practical abilities to deliver for businesses looking to make a headway in the increasing digital revolution.

Suzuki - Way of Life

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